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Saturday, May 11 2013 9:00 AM 1:00 PM

Hyper Pro Training Instructor Certification :: Kicks & Acro Training
Saturday May 10th  :: Time: 9am-1pm


TopKick Martial Arts 
25031 Riding Plaza, Chantilly, VA 20152
(703) 327-8030

Bring your instructors and assistants and leave with a powerful team ready to teach the best classes in your city!

Kicks & Acro Training Rotation:


  • Instructor Training Drills
  • Stretching Rotations
  • Kicks: 360,720,900,1260,1080,1440
  • Acro: Handstands, Cartwheels, Aerials, Handsprings, Kip Ups, Tucks
  • 4hr Training Experience

Hyper Instructor Training Experience Includes:

  • Insight to Top 20 Teaching Strategies
  • Safe & Fun Drills for All Skill Levels
  • Building Performance Athletes
  • Increasing Retention & Enrollments
  • Mastering Hyper Curriculum & Camps
  • Hyper Pro Training Gear



$199.00 each - Individuals
$599 Entire Team (up to 5)


****Note: This event sold out previously! ***Don't wait to register your team! ***No Specatator passes available.


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I hereby assume all risks and responsibilities associated with my participation in any training activities in this program. I understand that it is my responsibility to monitor my own condition and equipment throughout all activities. I will immediately notify the instructor and/or trainer and stop participation if any unusual symptoms or circumstances occur.

I hereby release and disclaim Hyper Martial Arts, its agents, employees, associates and affiliates,
and any others connected therewith from any and all claims, suits, losses or related cause of action for damages incurred during or arising in any way from my participation in Hyper Martial Arts programs or the use of any equipment or information endorsed by Hyper Martial Arts. On behalf of my family, my estate and myself, I waive any liability, responsibility or negligence of Hyper Martial Arts for same.