New Jersey - Instructor Certification

By Hyper Martial Arts (other events)

Sat, Apr 28 2018 2:00 PM Sun, Apr 29 2018 5:00 PM

Hyper Instructor Certification Power Event

In a weekend event, we will build a powerful team of instructors for you. They will be ready to teach the most professional and fun classes that will increase retention, upgrades and school success. We give instructors the solid foundation class structure, dynamic drills, class formations and systems for teaching dynamic classes that are fun while effectively building powerful martial arts athletes.


Hyper Pro Training: Solid Foundation System

Dynamic Teaching & Retention Skills
Learn the Solid Foundation Curriculum System
Demo Team Choreography Skills
Launch New Curriculum, Camps & Workshops

  • Powerful Teaching Skills, Class Mechanics & Dynamic Drills
  • Learn the Forms/Weapons Foundation Skills, Sets & Forms
  • Bo Staff  -  Kamas  -  Sword (Bokken)  - Double Chux
  • Learn Demo Team Choreography & Team Training System
  • Get the Curriculum to Host 5 Camps & Generate Instant Income

Learn a new Creative Form, 4 Weapons Forms & Demo Team Forms

The Solid Foundation system is perfect for any school looking to add exciting curriculum to their core program, upgrade programs, camps and workshops. This powerful system is a combination of a creative form, 4 weapons forms, and a demo team form plus the systems to implement them for increasing retention and marketing new workshops/camps.

Hyper Fight Club: Youth Safety Certification Series

Sparring Solid Foundation Teaching & Retention Systems
Dynamic Sparring Combinations, Kicking and Defense Strategies
New Hyper Youth Safety Course Training & Marketing
Partnering with Your School System and Community
Filling Your School With 100’s of New Families Each Year

  • Solid Foundation Teaching Skills, Class Mechanics and Dynamic Drills
  • Learn Offensive/Defense Combinations and Kicking Strategies
  • Engineer Your Sparring Curriculum for the Year
  • Learn the New Hyper Youth Safety Course
  • Get the Complete Plan to Partner with Local Schools
  • Inspire Your Community and Fill Your School With New Members

The Hyper Fight Club / Youth Safety Instructor Training event is perfect for educating team members on how to teach dynamic sparring classes while focusing on retention, fun and creating sparring athletes ready to win in the ring and win in life. The youth safety training course educates trainers on important injury prevention strategies, family safe topics and abduction prevention. This program includes the marketing training to work with school systems to fill your school with hundreds of new families each year.


Saturday –  Hyper Pro Training: Solid Foundation System

Arrival Time: 1:00pm-1:30pm
Check-In & Photos: 1:30pm-2:00pm
Training: 2pm - 6pm 

  • Instructor Training Drills
  • Solid Foundation Strikes & Forms
  • Chux
  • Bo Staff
  • Sword
  • Kamas
  • Performance Drills for Competition
  • Forms curriculum management
  • 4-hour training experience

Hyper Instructor Training Experience Includes:

  • Insight into Top 20 Teaching Strategies
  • Safe & Fun Drills for All Skill Levels
  • Building Performance Athletes
  • Increasing Retention & Enrollments
  • Mastering Hyper Curriculum & Camps

Sunday - Hyper Fight Club: Youth Safety Certification Series

Arrival Time: 10:00am-10:30am
Check-In & Photos: 10:30am-11:00am
Training 11am-4pm 

  • Powerful Teaching Skills, Class Formations & Structure for Sparring Classes
  • Dynamic Combinations & Sparring Drills
  • Child Safety / Bully Defense Systems
  • Successful Workshops & Community Events


Open to All Schools & Styles 
Ages 13yr+ for Certification 


Equipment Needed

Hyper Shirt will be provided with each ticket -- Please wear Hyper Shorts or Pants 


  • Double Chux
  • Bo Staff
  • Bokken / Sword (no sharp blades please) 
  • Kamas


  • Hyper Boxing Gloves for each attendee. 
  • Hyper Shin Guards (Shin / Instep) 
  • Make sure to have at least (3sets ) Hyper Fight Club Target/Mitts for each team attending. 

Special Equipment Pricing 
Gloves: Reg - $49 // Event Price - $29.95 

Shin Guards - Reg $59 //Event Price $29.95

Mitts: Reg - $49 // Event Price - $29.95  
*Pre Order by 4/20 & Equipment will be delivered to you at the event.

Have Questions or Place an Order ? Give us a call 866.931.4260 
Email: [email protected] 


Note: This event has limited space available. ***Don't wait to register your team!

No Spectator passes available.