Hyper Instructor Training

By Hyper Martial Arts (other events)

Sunday, June 23 2019 9:00 AM 1:00 PM

Hyper Instructor Training - 2019 MPower Summit

The Hyper Instructor Training gives instructors the tools to build a solid foundation structure, dynamic drills, class formations and systems for teaching inspirational classes that are fun while effectively building powerful martial arts athletes. We will go over:

  • Solid Foundation Teaching Strategies
  • Leadership & Communication Skills
  • Forms, Self Defense and Sparring Platforms
  • Dynamic Drills & Performance Games
  • Teaching Exciting Workshops, Camps & Special Events
  • Curriculum Engineering & Powerful Graduations

What to Expect:

Our goal is to help build powerful instructors that empower students to be their best.

The Hyper Instructor Training experience is a fun and motivational seminar. We'll start with light training classes and go over some notes after each session. Learn efficient systems for teaching pro-level classes that are structured, disciplined and high-energy. Partner with other instructors to practice the teaching strategies and powerful drills to get the most effort and best performances from students. Then we'll discuss insights to teaching exciting camps and workshops. We'll finish with a fun written exam to recap the seminar and to challenge eachother on who can get the most points.

What to Bring:

Please wear Hyper black shorts or training pants. Hyper Training T-shirt will be provided.

Bring a notebook, water, snacks, 2 hand targets/mitts and sparring gear (foot pads and hand pads).

Got Questions?

Direct any Hyper Instructor Training questions to [email protected]

Direct any MPower Summit questions to MPower.